2020 Summer Showcase

2020 Summer Showcase Playlist

Down By the Riverside
Performed by Ruth Johnson, Noah Hylton, & Peggy Bertrand Terpstra

Triumph of the Demon Gods
by John Stevens
Performed by Chris Dodson

Prelude in C Major, BWV 846
By J. S. Bach
Performed by Eric Baumgardner

More Than Wonderful
Composed by Lanny Wolfe
Arranged by Anthony Apostolou
Performed by Ruth Johnson & Anthony Apostolou

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
By Eddie DeLange & Louis Alter
Performed by Peggy Bertrand Terpstra
(and her identical sisters)

In Christ Alone
By Keith Getty & Stuart Townsend
Performed by Rebecca Acres, John Caughman, Bill Bell, & Tim Powers

Sonata No. 2
By Francois Devienne
Performed by Julie Elliott & Serena Huffine

German-Irish Music from the Hungry Five
Performed by Alcia Gray, Noah Hilton, Dan Young, Richard Von Hatten, & Chris Dodson

Music for Trombone
Performed by Harrison Hill

Cantabile et Presto
By George Enescu
Performed by Serena Huffine, Flute, and Nancy Starr, Piano

Duet No. 6
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (K.496A)
Arranged by Phillip Smith
Performed by RaNaye Dreier, Flute, & Kim Kasten, Trumpet

By Herman Beeftink
Performed by Julie Elliott, Flute, & Nancy Starr, Piano

The Whistler
By George Hamilton Green
Performed by Shaun Salem

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