In lieu of admission, the band relies on donations to help defray expenses. Through the continued generosity of our donors, we are able to serve the wonderful community of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. As a gesture of our appreciation, Special Benefactors, Benefactors, Patrons, Sponsors and Friends  are acknowledged at ORCB concerts. 

ORCB is a 501(c)3 Organization that participates with both Amazon Smile
and Kroger Cares. Your donation may be tax deductible. 

In addition to performing, ORCB has a focus on music education, inviting novice musicians, young and old, to play in the band and learn from players of professional caliber.

You can donate via PayPal by clicking here or the PayPal image link above.

Or you can mail your contributions to:

P.O. Box 6980
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6980.



Steven & Alessandra Hirshman
Leslie C. Holman 
Chet & Jane Morris
Cheryl Nobles
Dan & Linda Young 


Don & Liz Batchelor
Judy Goans
Kim Kasten
Don Spong & Janet Swift


Don & Liz Batchelor
Bill & Robin Bell
Walter & Joanne Carow
M.L. & G.T. Carroll
Norbert Grant
David & Ellen Greenwood
Linda D. & Randall Hartwig
Carolyn Lennon
Thelma & Joseph McGrory


Wayne & Pat Clark
Ranaye Dreier
Art Dworkin & Fran Silver
Ernest P. Elliot
George & Diane Farris
Doug & Cyndi Jeffers
Lee Allen & Carole Lundin
William & Patricia Murray
Dale & Rita Pendley
William & Marjorie Salem
Brent Sigmon & Nancy Carow
Priscilla Spitzer
Techmer PM
Peggy Bertrand Terpstra
Sarah Walters
Carol Williams


Martha Adler-Jasny
Martha Jane Axford
Robert Campbell
Sharon T. Capps
Joyce Drischler
Victoria Durham
Mr. & Mrs. Roland Friedrich
Jim & Carla Giles
Randy & Linda Hartwig
Rosemary E. McNerney
Emily Phillips
Dorothy Prokop
Jana & Noah Spitzer
Marjorie Swenson
Lucinda Young