ORCB is entering its third year under the baton of Shaun Salem, a music educator with 10 years of teaching experience and over 25 years of experience as a music composer. In 2014, Shaun was awarded Editor’s Choice by JW Pepper, the largest music distributor in the country, and he was also honored in Bandworld Magazine’s Top 100 New Works for Band.

Under his direction, ORCB will explore new works by some of the most popular living composers of band music while also bringing high-quality performances of traditional band repertoire to the concert stage. Mr. Salem is honored to bring excitement, energy, and enthusiasm to ORCB as its third conductor of this outstanding organization.


Siobhan Duden Arthur Acres*
Julie ElliottCynthia Crosby
Serena HuffineTim Ford
Linda LongJim Hix
Martha Lux*Kim Kasten
Audrey Stelson*James Lux
Sarah WaltersNoah Spitzer
Janet WestbrookDon Spong
Craig Valentine
OboeDan Young
Shere Conway
Cyndi Jeffers*Horn
Beatrice SheaSue Goepp
Haley Kesler 
BassoonElizabeth Towery 
Norine MossSteve Moore
Susan ReynoldsCathy Presley*
Moon ChoiNathan Arnwine
Dave Greenwood*Don Batchelor
Eric GreenupRon Battle
Eric GrepenJack Cowen
Barbara GritznerRonald Goans*
Susan HallHarrison Hill
Alessandra HirshmanRichard Vonhatten
Steve Hirshman
Kai KrishnanBaritone
Jennifer LindseyRebecca Acres
Ginny MinturnBill Bell
Mario MoralesJohn Caughman*
Patty NunbergScott Martin
Karena Potter 
Lynlee RobinsonTuba
Janet TownsendLowell Crow
Carol WilliamsRaegan Dishman 
Chris Dodson  
Bass ClarinetBruce Keck*
Steve NunbergTim Powers*
Lee Robertson
Alto SaxophoneMargaret Bayer
Anthony ApostolouNancy Carow*
Ryan BrightDon Lordo
Dianne FarrisCindy Redd
Ruth JohnsonJaylin Senk
Nancy Starr
Tenor Saxophone
Peggy Terpstra
Baritone Saxophone✽ Section Leader
Charlie McCarty† ORCB Board Member

ORCB Board Members

Dan Young, President
Cathy Presley, Vice President
Peggy Terpstra, Treasurer
Cindy Redd, Secretary
Barbara Gritzner, Concert Promotion
Martha Lux, Music Librarian
Nancy Carow, Graphic Arts
Nancy Starr, Member at large
Jennifer Lindsey, Social Media Coordinator